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“You were created Limitless. There is nothing you cannot achieve. Nothing.”

Who Am I?

She loves coffee, margaritas, baking cakes, eating cakes, avocados …and did she mention coffee?.

Suzy had one of the toughest experiences during her pregnancy of any parent we’ve worked with. Faced with constant adversity and often bullying, at the end of her pregnancy she chose to book an independent midwife and achieved the empowering birth she deserved.

“We thought birth was going to be something we’d all have to recover from, mentally, physically, emotionally… for ages. We couldn’t have been more wrong. It was so utterly brilliant it launched us into the first days of parenthood on a massive high. Go us!!! Go Nicola Snoad!!!”

Suzy and James

These guys had their baby in Trinidad where birth takes place in hospital and is more often than not, highly medicalised. Determined to do things differently, they put hours of dedication and practice in to prepare themselves and have the confidence to go against an entire cultures view on how birth should be… and what a result!

“After keeping us patiently waiting I’m thrilled to report that last Thursday at 8.52am (Trini time) our beautiful baby girl entered the world…
The birth was everything I’d hoped for, calm and drug free. My waters broke in the night with small traces of meconium in it so we headed to the hospital and arrived at 2.20am by which point I was starting to have mild contractions and by 3.30am I started active labour and the contractions properly kicked-in. The breathing and relaxation was an enormous help as was Tom and our wonderful doula who performed endless hip presses and after 3 hours I was fully dilated and ready to start breathing our baby down…
It was a wonderfully calm and efficient labour… I’m pleased to report that she is a very happy, healthy, calm and contented baby who is feeding wonderfully and has put on weight in her first week. We are extremely proud and smitten parents and are absolutely loving this time.
I’m so pleased that I was able to do it and thank you for all your support in making me confident that I could.”

Catrina and Mark

This wonderful lady came to us at nearly 40 weeks, prepared to spend whatever time she had left of her pregnancy, striving for an empowering and comfortable birth. She absorbed every scrap of information, repeated every technique over and over and is now a mummy of 2 and an antenatal teacher herself.

“I didn’t feel any pain Nicola, just powerful surges! I could have done it all again the next day!”

Kymmie and Dan